A unique place, very silent and we hope that we will return soon. A special place. Please help to keep nature as it is.

Nitesh Gaba


Had a wonderful time in this extremely pleasant hotel in such a superb location. We will recommend you to our friends which love nature.

Ron Semple


Excellent place to get to know the beauties of the Danube Delta.

Valleteau Family

Great Space

Many thanks for an enjoyable and restful three days here. The view over the lakes from the villas is excellent. We enjoyed the trips and the hospitality of the staff.

Jon and Kathy Locke

Good Choice

A very good location, a wonderful landscape, and some quality services! Too bad that we leave so soon and we can not enjoy more all of these benefits. Keep up the good work!!.

Group from Galati


Tranquility, bird songs, sun, what else does anyone need?

Jon Van Der Sijp

Fantastic Views

Great food, great views, and fantastic accommodation.

Rob and Johanna

Great Food

Everything was excellent. The rooms are perfect. The staff is professional, very nice people. The food is very good. We liked the place. We could stay here for another 2 weeks. Thank you for everything!

Mari and Eitan Feldman